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Apartment Noise Pollution

One the worst thing about living in apartment blocks with thousand other people, is you hear things.

Just this morning I heard a kid singing gibberish at the top of his lungs. It just sounded like noise. It was so annoying, all I wanted to do was yell – Shattaaap!! Thing was, it was my kid. My kid or not, it’s still not just for my benefit me – I can’t have him disturbing the peace and quiet of all the other apartment dwellers. Action needed to be taken!

At the top of my lungs, “KEEP QUITE HONEY!!!”

You know you really love someone when you can be angry at them and still call them honey.

I apologise deeply if you live in the same block as us.

I use to live on a real land, wonderful land. Beautiful place in a village – we even had a little stream run across the land. Our closest neighbour was no less than half a mile away. It was truly peaceful and QUIET. My parents place of course.

We had dogs lounging about. The cat only came out when it wanted food and caressing. We could see and hear all kinds of beautiful, colourful birds. At night we heard the soothing sounds of crickets. Sometimes we had bonfire night, and the sounds from the crackling fire was relaxing, and the smell of burning wood – heavenly.

Quiet and peaceful.

My son enjoyed running around outside on the grass. The only occasional noise came from my dad shouting “GET IN HERE YOU IDIOT!!” – and that’s when we’d see our dogs running into the canal.

Then last year January, to fulfil our desire for our own place, my boyfriend, son and I moved into an apartment.

For the first three months, every night, while trying to fall asleep, like clockwork, we’d hear one particular baby cry, or should I say SCREAM. It was just that one baby. The cry was the exact same every night and we could even zone in to the direction of where this baby lived. I heard it but it didn’t bother me much though, the baby wasn’t in my apartment and the distance between us, subdued the baby’s cry.

So the first three months, I went to bed with the sound of a screaming baby. But I guess the baby grew out of it, because after three month, no more cries.

A whole year has passed since. Scream free. Then last night while my boyfriend and I were in bed, we heard the same baby scream.

BF: The crying baby is back.

Me: Stupid baby.

BF (laughing): Did you just say that?

Me: Hehehe

BF: It can’t be the same baby.

Me: Well if it’s not the same baby, stupid parents. Why would they make another one???

No babies, children, animals or adults were harmed emotionally or physically in the writing of this post.


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