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MYCYBERSALE 2018 Review – A Flop For Us

With the hype from previous years MYCYBERSALE and the kind of discounts we were offering, I thought we would have gotten more sales.



If you don’t know what #MYCYBERSALE is, well truth be told I had never heard of it too until about 2 months ago. I was a house party and someone asked me what I did for a living, they immediately assumed I knew about #MYCYBERSALE. I was kind off embarrased for not knowing, but I masked it. Bare with me, I’ve not been in the Ecommerce line for very long.

MYCYBERSALE is the biggest online sale event in Malaysia. To quote PIKOM “#MYCYBERSALE is an initiative by  the government to act as a catalyst to develop the e-Commerce industry as well as to boost e-Commerce culture in Malaysia”. I like that, it shows us that our government has love for the e-Commerce industry. Doesn’t it.

It was first held in 2014. That means #MYCYBERSALE 2018 is its 5th installment.

To put it simply, MYCYBERSALE is Malaysia’s own Black Friday.

And what’s PIKOM’s got to do with it?

Well, #MYCYBERSALE used to be organised completely by MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy), but MDEC has, since 2016, partnered with PIKOM (The National ICT Association of Malaysia) to drive this event. 


Our Online Store Preparation Before MYCYBERSALE

I’ll be honest here and say, it was a bit of a rush heading to this event. After all, as you know, I’d never heard of this event until quite recently. I wasted no time finding out more about it; one of first thing I did came Monday morning. Within a few days, I got my manager to approve our participation.

I filled up the online form that was on the PIKOM website. They took many, many weeks to approve us, but they had at least a thousand merchant registration to vet through, so they had their work cut out for them. Assuming our registration will be approved anyway, that gave me time to start the preparatory work. 

I started shortlisting our more than one thousand list of products that it will be up for crazy deals come 3rd September. Once I had a list, I sent it to my manager for approval. 

Most of the products on my list were new to the online store. They were not new products at our retail outlet, in case you’re wondering. But becuase it was new to the online store, that meant I had to start uploading these products online, complete with product descriptions, specifications, images and inventory allocation.

Once that was done, and I had my managers approval, I set up the promotion on the backend of our EasyStore platform such that it was ready to automatically launch come sale day.

Next came banner design. I crerated one banner for our landing page. A few for our Facebook and Instagram postings. And a few more for PIKOM’s MYCYBERSALE landing page. All that gets sent to my manager for approval too.

With all that done, we were ready to go.


Our MYCYBERSALE Customer Flow

I’m still not quite sure how PIKOM acquires traffics to their landing page. I assume it was through their offline and online advertising campaigns. Once people arrive at the MYCYBERSALE landing page, they see the page divided into categories with a few banners under each categories. People looking for a specific kind off products can click into specific categories. This takes them to the category page with many many more banners of online stores within that category.

Clicking on our banner for example will take people to our landing page. When potential customers get to our landing page, they see all our promo products on display.



Well, like I said, it was not great, not even good for us but lets break it down.

I did no marketing of our own the first day of #MYCYBERSALE. I was hoping the PIKOM website was enough to drive loads of traffic to our website. I believe other online stores were doing their own marketing.

The traffic flow from PIKOM was abysmal. There was barely a bump up on our traffic graph.  Fact is, we didn’t make a single sale on the first day of #MYCYBERSALE 2018.

Let me back track a little. When I went for a brief on MYCYBERSALE, the hype from PIKOM was very real. We were told, online stores that participated the previous years were were getting up to 5 times more sales. It was exciting to hear of such prospects.

Then we got no sales the first day. Ouch.

I guess it wasn’t enough to depend on PIKOM traffic. Taking matters in to our own hands, we posted in Facebook and Instagram. Boosted our Facebook posts. Blasted emails to our email subscribers. Sales went up a little but it was no where near what I had expected.

On the fourth day, I get an email from MDEC which pretty much confirms that the results they were seeing was not as good as it was previous years.

On the last night of the event, 20 minutes before midnight, when all our promotions were set to automatically come to an end, I get an email from PIKOM saying they’re extending the sales event by an additional four days. I guess they didn’t make the numbers they targeted, so extending the sales day by an additional four days was their contingency plan.

The additional four days barely did anything for us considering the fact all those days fall on a long weekend. I’m not sure if it is the same with all other industries, but the industry that I’m in, weekends and public holiday usually report fewer orders and lesser traffic.

So how bad was it for us, let me put it this way, according to Google Analytics, PIKOM’s landing page only drove less than 200 leads to our website in all those 8 days. 

Now that the event has come to an end, it will be interesting to hear from PIKOM, their comments and results. The poor results could just be our own. Maybe other online stores did much better. If we were part of a handful of online stores that did poorly, I would like to have some ideas as to where we went wrong, and how we could improve. We can correct our mistakes not only for the next MYCYBERSALE but also other future sale event.


Ways We Could Improve

I think relying solely on PIKOM to drive traffic to our website was a major mistake on our part. We should have been ready to post more regulary on our social media feeds. Probably should have allocated bigger budgets for paid advertising. And more email marketing.


How Can PIKOM Improve

This is in my personal opinion, but I hope it doesn’t get taken with a grain of salt.

Marketing Responsibility

I’m not sure if we were expected to drive traffic to our website by ourselves. But the fact that we got so few traffic coming from PIKOM, I suspect that might have been the case. If so, I wished PIKOM could have briefed us if we were expected to do our own marketing.


Online Store Categories

More categories please PIKOM. We really couldn’t fit our online store in any one of their categories. It would be great if they could request merchants to suggest categories.


Bigger and Less Clustered Banner Display

Hope the banners could be bigger and less clusterred. With the banners so closed to each other and so tiny, our banners could not stand out.


Thank you MDEC and PIKOM for this opportunity. It was interesting to participate. There were lessons I learned. Hoping for a more fruitful MYCYBERSALE next year!


If you took part in MYCYBERSALE 2018 or even the once from previous years, please share your experience.

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